Grant Ripley & Craig Malcolm, TieTek

Read all about the founders of TieTek who are taking part in our Transform SY Accelerator Programme


Founders: Grant Ripley and Craig Malcolm
Programme: Transform SY
Sector: Tech/Startups
Location: Sheffield 

What is TieTek?

TieTek is a software development company aiming to lift hurdles for startups/founders that are trying to launch a tech solution but are put under strain by development costs. Startups can face large upfront fees and large costs to develop MVP’s which stretches them beyond their startup budget. Development time frames and lack of flexibility can make companies come to the end of their runway before they can gain traction. 

We are helping startups reduce upfront fees and costs by automating the discovery process and developing affordable MVP’s with quick iteration cycles – reducing the development time and allowing a flexible development process.

What have been your successes on the TieTek journey?

TieTek launched our discovery portal that helps save startups on average £2,000, by providing them with a free resource that enables them to walk through the discovery session process and clearly define their project, as well as receiving a no-obligation quote and estimate from us. 

We saw discovery sessions as one of the unnecessary hurdles that put strain on startups, where prior to our portal they were unable to even receive quotes and estimates for their MVP’s without forking around £2,000 up front first. 

We have also worked with three different startups so far, helping them to affordably get to MVP stage and validate their assumptions to help raise more investment. 

What connections / partnerships are you seeking to make for the next stage of your business growth?

We are looking to partner with tech startups who need development and also investors who would want to work with us to take brilliant, non-technical founders’ ideas and turn them into a reality.

And finally, can you tell us about your experience of participating in the Transform SY Programme?

The Transform SY Programme has been invaluable to us, helping us stay on task and keep taking steps towards our vision for TieTek and providing valuable contacts with the tech sector in South Yorkshire and further afield.