Transform SY

— Cohort 2 in Progress —

Become an excellent entrepreneur. Transform SY is a world class people accelerator that is being delivered by Entrepreneurial Spark, a leader in the entrepreneur support world.

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What is Transform SY?

Transform SY is a people accelerator – the focus of our support is on the entrepreneur as much as it is on the business because the entrepreneur is the one building their venture, not the opposite.

We will help you flesh out your business proposition, hone your pitching skills and connect with relevant mentors and contacts across the region. But most importantly, we will enable the entrepreneur within you to achieve their goals through our fortnightly enablement sessions.

Who should apply?

✔️ Based in South Yorkshire

✔️ Tech-related business (including digital, manufacturing tech, materials tech, design tech, hardware, food tech etc.)

You do not have to be raising investment, we will work with entrepreneurs on a variety of growth goals. Social enterprises in tech are welcome too.

Applying is on a first-come-first-served basis, so don’t wait until the end to apply, do it now!

What will you get?

day onboarding bootcamp

minute 1-1s every fortnight

hour action-based events every fortnight
Cohort and alumni community of entrepreneurs
proven enablement method for success

At Transform SY, our main message to entrepreneurs is ‘Become an excellent entrepreneur’, as this is what we want founders who join our programme to want to achieve.

However, what do we mean by ‘becoming an excellent entrepreneur’? For us, becoming an excellent entrepreneur means improving as a person, as an entrepreneur and as a leader simultaneously, being able to manage your time, emotions and actions to a degree where entrepreneurship brings you financial stability, professional fulfilment and leads to a better outcome for everyone around you.

What will we cover?

We will finalise the themes for these sessions once the cohort is confirmed and we have assessed your collective needs. Below is a list of some areas that we may cover by way of example:

✔️ Pitching Your Business Like a World-Class Entrepreneur

✔️ Building Disruptive Business Models

✔️ Taking Excellent Risks

✔️ Entrepreneurial Leadership

✔️ Personal Brand

✔️ Pricing Strategy

✔️ Negotiation Skills

Delivery & Format

Transform SY will start with a 2-day Bootcamp – an intensive onboarding experience designed to give you everything you need to start accelerating. Both days will be jam-packed with interesting talks but they will also give you the chance to meet your cohort, the mentors and partners of the accelerator.

Once per fortnight we will run a compulsory 2-hour online event. We know your time is precious and no-one needs another boring webinar, so we cram a LOT into this time.

Who you’ll be working with

Mike Stephens

Mike Stephens

CEO @ Entrepreneurial Spark

Denislav Ivanov

Denislav Ivanov

Marketing & Community @ Entrepreneurial Spark

Ready to Transform?

Join this programme and become part of the TEAM SY community. Take your startup to the next level with our support.