South Yorkshire
Angel Hub

— Applications open —

We are a friendly, straight-talking bunch who are passionate about Northern Tech and seek to fuel the early-stage economy in South Yorkshire. We are also free to entrepreneurs!

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What is the South Yorkshire Angel Hub?

NorthInvest and TEAM SY are working in partnership to build angel capacity in South Yorkshire. We’re proactively engaging and onboarding the region’s investors (Including investors from outside the region). Through NorthInvest and outside networks we will grow the pool of innovation investment and funding available to South Yorkshire tech SMEs.

To complement this, a programme of support has been created for tech entrepreneurs to be ready for investment. By coaching entrepreneurs, we help them to understand what investors are looking for, how to present their business and to explain their proposition in a way that is more likely to attract the investment they need to grow.

Who should apply?

✔️ Founders of tech businesses

✔️ Based in South Yorkshire

✔️ With ambitions to become globally scalable

✔️ Need help to become investment ready

✔️ Looking for opportunities to pitch to investors

We can’t, of course, guarantee that you’ll get investment, but we can help you improve your chances.

What will you get?

hours of 1-1 investment readiness mentoring
opportunities to pitch to angels and VCs

Start-ups will benefit from access to experienced support for how to develop their investor pitch, including advice on content, format and the “dos” and “don’ts” of pitching.  Once ready, businesses may be invited to pitch in front of investors and, should there be investor interest, NorthInvest will work with investors and the business through to deal completion.

What will we cover?

The South Yorkshire Angel Hub will increase the number of investment-ready businesses in South Yorkshire. We will fund early-stage businesses and help to create a clear investment path for businesses from pre-seed onwards.

Themes we will cover include:

✔️ How to build a pitch deck

✔️ How to pitch

✔️ Opportunities to pitch

✔️ What investors are looking for

This will be delivered through a range of online/virtual meetings, events and 1:1 mentoring.

How can investors get involved with the South Yorkshire Angel Hub?

SY Angel Hub will provide investors with access to quality deal flow.  We welcome investors with a smile, provide investor education, events and dinners and offer an opportunity to develop relationships so that deals can be done.

Who you’ll be working with

Giles Moore

Giles Moore

Investment Programme Manager

Jordan Dargue

Jordan Dargue

Investment Director & Board Director @ NorthInvest

Successfully raised through this programme

FourKaw Manufacturing Analytics

Ready to raise investment?

Join this programme and become part of the TEAM SY and NorthInvest community. Become part of a network that will bring together investors and founders to make it easier to gain early-stage funding for tech businesses.