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For startups developing IoT products or services. 1:1 mentoring, hands-on validation and proof-of-concept support to start using sensors and data. Workshops, expert sessions, IoT events and more. Based at Barnsley DMC 02’s well equipped Maker Lab.

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What is IoT Engine?

IoT Engine is a pre-accelerator programme based in the Barnsley DMC02 MakerLab. It provides at least 12 hours of support for your business with aspects of the Internet of Things (IoT) and associated technology.

The programme is fully funded by ERDF, Connexin, Capital Enterprise and Barnsley Council, meaning your space on the programme is at no cost to you or your business. We’re delighted to be partnering with Connexin, an innovative and disruptive technology company specialising in building and operating award-winning Smart City Infrastructure to support the Internet of Things.

The programme provides support through 1:1 mentoring, hands-on validation and proof-of-concept support, workshops, and networking events with customers, suppliers and thought leaders.

The programme aims to validate your business concept(s), build an early version of a product, and generate sales such that you can establish a new company, expand your existing company, or introduce a new product or service to your business.

Who should apply?

IoT Engine is aimed at start-ups or SMEs in the South Yorkshire region who are developing IoT products and services, connecting devices to the internet to share data and bring insights and efficiencies.

It also supports IT providers to move into IoT, and existing SMEs to adopt new connected technologies. You do not necessarily need to be a “techie” to benefit from this programme!

This is an inclusive programme, and we particularly welcome applications from underrepresented founders and entrepreneurs.

Your business must:

✔️ Be an independent small to medium-sized tech business employing fewer than 250 people

✔️ Have an annual turnover below €50m (approx. £43m)

✔️ Have a balance sheet below €43m (approx. £37m)

✔️ Not be a subsidiary and/or under the control of a larger SME entity (25% or more)

✔️ Be an existing limited company registered and/or trading in South Yorkshire.

What will you get?

access to maker space for prototyping
access to a network of thought leaders
network of suppliers, potential customers & investors
IoT deep dive talks & workshops
1-1 mentoring and support

Maker Lab: As the programme is based at the DMC02 participants will have access to the fabulous makerlab facility. If there are any specific pieces of equipment or technologies you are interested in, please indicate this as part of the registration process, if known.

What will we cover?

Businesses will gain access to:Expert advice and mentoring on key themes such as:

  • IoT solution infrastructure and architecture;
  • Edge and cloud platforms
  • Analytics and visualisation platforms
  • IoT business benefits
  • IoT sensors and devices

✔️ A maker space, equipment, and software for developing prototypes

✔️ Access to a network of thought leaders, suppliers, potential customers and investors.

The programme runs until June 2023, can be joined at any time, and will comprise a mix of scheduled group events and bespoke/agile individual sessions tailored to the overall and individual interests and requirements of the participants.

At the end of the programme, you will have a working prototype or MVP to solidify your business proposal, be in a more confident or informed position in order to seek investment or recruitment, and/or be exposed to new partnership opportunities to grow your business.

Delivery & Format

The programme will be tailored to each business and will be formed of the following:

1:1’s with the Senior Technical Lead

Group Sessions

Talks/Workshops: A preliminary agenda of talks and/or workshops that form part of the programme may focus on the following key topics:

✔️ A holistic overview of the IoT
✔️ IoT Deep Dive: Things
✔️ IoT Deep Dive: Connectivity
✔️ IoT Deep Dive: Data Processing
✔️ Deep Dive: User Interface
✔️ IoT use cases and Applications
✔️ Participant Requests (This session can comprise anything that participants wish to cover)

Who you’ll be working with

Dr Rikki Coles

Dr Rikki Coles

Senior Technical Lead (IoT) @ TEAM SY

Lauren Shale

Lauren Shale

Programme Coordinator @ TEAM SY

Ralph Varcoe

Ralph Varcoe

Chief Growth Officer and MD IoT @ Connexin

Get in touch with if you have any questions.

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