Give it a go Greentech

Friday 19th – Sunday 21st May

A full weekend event exploring innovative ideas to help create a more sustainable future.

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About the Event

Sustainability is one of the most pressing challenges our society is currently facing. It is therefore crucial that humanity continues to try to find ways to tackle this immense challenge.

This event is hosted by TEAM SY and Barnsley DMC, and will bring together creative minds from across the region to innovate and create new ideas for a sustainable future. 

In 48 hours, you will have an opportunity to explore innovative ideas, build disruptive solutions, learn new skills and connect with like-minded people. You’ll have industry expertise and coaching support throughout. You will come up with a prototype for your product or service – this doesn’t need to be technical (although it can be if you like!). You are welcome to present drawings or slides, or even a video – whatever will convey your idea the best. At the end, you will pitch your ideas to a panel of industry experts, for a chance to go home with a prize!

Whether you have a GreenTech idea that you would like to explore with like-minded people or are looking to get involved in a sustainable project, we are waiting for you!

The Challenge

This is a themed event that focusses on finding new and innovative solutions for problems centred around the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, including sustainable cities and communities, climate action, and good health and well-being. Find out more about sustainable goals here.

Some example problems you could tackle include:

  • How to encourage more active travel?
  • How to eat a more sustainable diet?
  • How to insulate your home or office in a more cost-effective way

Who should Attend

This is an open event for all those interested in discovering solutions that can assist with a more sustainable future. If you are an engineer, developer, marketeer or  entrepreneur with a GreenTech idea, or are simply passionate about sustainabilty – this event is for you!


Why Attend?

hours to hack an MVP
gain new skills and experiences
create feasible green solutions for sustainable development goals

connect with experts in sustainability

find co-founders and team members for your GreenTech startup

win great prizes

Ready to accelerate your business?

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