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A bespoke accelerator programme delivered by Blue Lake VC. This accelerator programme will help you become investor ready and once graduated, will actively support you in attracting funding.

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What is Blue Lake VC?

The programme runs for 3 months, combining 1-2-1 mentorships, workshops, homework and group work. Acceleration runs in small cohorts of 2-3 startups allowing for an individual approach as well as benefiting from learning and growing together with other startups.

Outside of your cohort you will be joining a wider community of startups, mentors, investors and innovators spanning across past and existing cohorts, and the existing Blue Lake network.

The fast-paced and exclusive environment will see founders emerge more experienced, knowledgeable, committed and ready to raise their seed or pre-seed round. They will gain invaluable connections and mentors and a community that will support them for life.

Who should apply?

✔️ Early-stage technology-driven startups and founders

✔️ Ready to take your startup to the next level

✔️ Looking to accelerate your company towards pre-seed or seed investment rounds

✔️ May be pre-revenue or pre-registration but you have an MVP

✔️ Founders committed (ideally) on a full time basis

✔️ Global ambitious and scalable solutions

What will you get?

lectures from expert speakers
1-1 mentorship with experienced investors & founders
pitch practice and workshops
pitching to Blue Lake Network VCs & Angels
lifetime membership to Blue Lake community
Blue Lake is focused on helping to make your startup investment-ready and placing you in a strong position to attract funding. Once you are ready we will introduce you to investors during the pitching days and on a 1-2-1 basis placing you in a strong position at attracting investment.

Our approach is focused on practice and results. Through mentoring, expert workshops and lectures, you will get access to workable knowledge and advice that will propel your startup’s growth and investability.

What will we cover?

The primary aim of the programme is to maximise investability and get startups to a point where they are actively engaging with investors for their pre-seed or seed round.

This will mean focusing on:

✔️ Investor work
✔️ Product development
✔️ Go-to-market
✔️ Traction
✔️ Short and mid-term growth

Blue Lake programme is highly competitive and participating startups are expected to demonstrate high levels of commitment throughout its course.

Delivery & Format

The program will be delivered in a hybrid format (online / offline). Its virtual portions will be facilitated through highly interactive virtual office spaces. We will encourage interaction between startup participants and hold virtual as well as offline community-building events.

✔️ Hybrid online and offline elements
✔️ 1:1 mentoring
✔️ Workshops and homework
✔️ Community building
✔️ Network Introductions and facilitation

You will be expected to complete tasks and commit to the necessary work to graduate, become truly investor-ready, and pitch to Blue Lake’s partner VCs and angel investors.


Who you’ll be working with

Moritz Goerges

Moritz Goerges

Programme Manager @ Blue Lake

Lyubov Guk

Lyubov Guk

Founding Partner @ Blue Lake

David Gilgur

David Gilgur

Founding Partner @ Blue Lake

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