Transform SY

Transform SY supported founders from South Yorkshire to unleash their entrepreneurial mindset, take better and smarter risks, become leaders and achieve their bespoke goals. Transform SY was delivered by Entrepreneurial Spark – who have helped thousands of entrepreneurs in the last 10 years. 

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What was Transform SY?

Transform SY was an accelerator for ambitious entrepreneurs from South Yorkshire who wanted to use entrepreneurship as a force to change theirs, and everyone’s, world. 

Beginning with a 2 day intensive bootcamp and continuing with bi-weekly events and 1:1 coaching, the programme held entrepreneurs accountable for setting – and achieving – their business goals. Participants worked with expert mentors to develop their pitch, build disruptive business models and create a personal brand, as well as attending workshops about entrepreneurial leadership, negotiation and risk taking.

What did participants get?

day intensive bootcamp to start the programme

minutes 1:1 coaching

workshops enabling participants to take action on their business

A network of entrepreneurs 

Programme Experts

Mike Stephens

Mike Stephens

CEO @ Entrepreneurial Spark

Denislav Ivanov

Denislav Ivanov

Marketing & Community @ Entrepreneurial Spark