IoT Engine

This programme was for startups developing products or services related to the Internet of Things (IoT).  Based at Barnsley DMC 02’s well equipped Maker Lab.

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What was IoT Engine?

IoT Engine was a pre-accelerator programme based in the Barnsley DMC02 MakerLab. It provided at least 12 hours of support for businesses with aspects of the Internet of Things (IoT) and associated technology.

The programme was fully funded by ERDF, Capital Enterprise, Barnsley Council, and Connexin – an innovative and disruptive technology company specialising in building and operating award-winning Smart City Infrastructure to support the Internet of Things.

The programme provided support through 1:1 mentoring, hands-on validation and proof-of-concept support, workshops, and networking events with customers, suppliers and thought leaders.

The programme aimed to validate business concept(s), build an early version of a product, and generate sales so that participants could establish a new company, expand their existing company, or introduce a new product or service to their business.

What did participants get?

access to maker space for prototyping
access to a network of thought leaders
network of suppliers, potential customers & investors
IoT deep dive talks & workshops
1-1 mentoring and support

Maker Lab: As the programme was based at the DMC02, participants had access to the fabulous MakerLab facility. 

Programme Experts

Dr Rikki Coles

Dr Rikki Coles

Senior Technical Lead (IoT) @ TEAM SY

Lauren Shale

Lauren Shale

Programme Coordinator @ TEAM SY

Ralph Varcoe

Ralph Varcoe

Chief Growth Officer and MD IoT @ Connexin

Startups on this programme