The GovTech Academy helps early-stage companies in GovTech and social impact ventures develop as a peer-group. GovTech is an emerging venture segment, focussed on providing tech-led solutions for government and the public sector. With 40% of world GDP spent by governments, it is one of the largest markets in the world and ripe for new ideas and innovation. Over the past three months, the GovTech Academy have been working with their first cohort of startups whose innovative solutions and services will address some of the biggest challenges in the public sector.

Tim and Claire have worked together on several start up support programmes, from bringing overseas entrepreneurs to the UK to sport start ups. The GovTech Academy grew from their experiences of setting up the world’s first private co-working and incubation space for GovTech companies. They wanted to take the best of the community development online and out to other parts of the UK and South Yorkshire has just the right combination of ingredients to make that possible. 

“Team-SY has enabled us to bring together a high quality first cohort of companies with innovative products/services who are able to support each through peer to peer learning, explore collaborative opportunities, gain new skills, whilst also connecting and building relationships with key decision-makers in the public sector.”

Timothy Barnes

Timothy Barnes

TEAM Programme Director

Tim has been working with start ups for nearly 25 years. He worked as a VC investor and consultant before heading up business and enterprise activities for a global top-ten university and then starting his own business. 

Claire Renwick

Claire Renwick

TEAM Senior Community Manager

Formerly the manager of entrepreneurship support at a London university, Claire has developed specialist skills in start up programme delivery and is currently completing a PhD in social enterprise ecosystems. 



The following companies have been supported through the GovTech Academy so far;

Townbase: Enterprise-grade web publishing & content management services for communities.

Positive Transition: Applying digital transformation in transition.

Mapscape: Tree management services.

Famiio: A data-driven GovTech platform that creates innovative, hassle-free childcare solutions for families, providers and local authorities.

Knowledge Pool: An award winning digital capability support organisation based in Doncaster.

PainC Management: A digital platform that resolves the complex issue of chronic pain monitoring with easy flow of data between the patient and healthcare professionals.

Legal-Pythia LLP: An information technology solutions provider, specialising in AI, that organises, categorises and searches data for duplications and contradictions for governmental and commercial entities including legal and financial institutions.

Hivatic: An early state tech start-up that is aiming to reshape procurement through the use of artificial intelligence, big data and cutting edge technology.

Spend Network: Provides datafeeds, dashboards, visualisations and analytics around procurement data on tenders and contracts and spend for councils across the country.

Spot: Masters of making multi-source supply chain more valuable by fixing and enriching what matters most to create a live central point of truth. Spot provide an ERP agnostic solution that generates immediate ROI.

You can follow The GovTech Academy on Twitter and keep an eye on their website for more information and annoucements of their second cohort.