Daniel Blaney, Founder of Ferrio

Ferrio is a data software startup that makes enterprise data integration and management accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Ferrio believes that in the modern, digital business world, every business should be able to easily manage their data. Their first product, Ferrio Connect, is an integration platform that allows out-of-the-box data sync between a vast range of applications and can be set up by anyone in a matter of minutes. Ferrio also provides straightforward consulting services to SMEs on how they can connect, manage and utilise their data. In the future, Connect’s unique standardisation model will allow it to easily expand into the data warehousing and reporting space.

How did you find out about TEAM SY’s Get Funding Fit programme?

We found out about Get Funding Fit through Sheffield Technology Parks’ Cooper Project. As a business incubator they have been invaluable to us and we would recommend them to any new technology startup in Sheffield.

How have you found the experience of being part of an investment readiness programme?

It was really encouraging to see the breadth of the startup community in the region, and the amount and variety of investment available. One of my main takeaways from Get Funding Fit and the TEAM SY launch event was that investors are looking at South Yorkshire. Before the programme I had essentially no knowledge of how startup investment works and this was a great introduction with expert delivery that has given us the confidence to start conversations with investors.

Has it helped you or your business?

We have started conversations with a small number of investors since completing Get Funding Fit, and without the programme we would have been poorly equipped to do this. Everything we needed to get started was covered from how to contact investors in the first place to the kind of information they expect to receive, and how critical getting your core message across clearly and concisely is in the fast paced world of investment.

What do you think about South Yorkshire as a place to start a business?

First and foremost South Yorkshire is a fantastic place to live with a great balance of city and nature. Sheffield has been my home all my life and my business partner’s for over a decade. In an increasingly digital world with businesses working more and more remotely, it makes sense to run a business from the place you want to live. Before we started Ferrio we didn’t actually know how much support was available in the region and now that we do, it only reinforces our decision to stay in South Yorkshire.

What are your next steps?

Our goal this year is to bootstrap the business as aggressively as possible to demonstrate traction to investors and strengthen our valuation. We believe we have a strong concept and acceleration is key to our success, which is best driven by investment. The software world is rapidly and constantly changing, so we can’t afford to take our time in getting to market. We were recently accepted onto the Transform SY accelerator programme, which we hope will be a big part of our sales push over the next 6 months.

To find out more head to www.ferrio.co. You can register your interest for the next cohort of Get Funding Fit here.