Introducing TEAM SY & Partner Programmes

One of the highlights from our Launch Event was the opportunity to shout about the fantastic array of pre-acceleration and acceleration programmes that TEAM SY are helping to bring to the region. We’ve been working closely with our partners across South Yorkshire and further afield to start to plug some gaps in the provision of specific tech and digital support.

Below is a rundown of our programmes, presented in no particular order, with a brief description and links to find out more.

We are continuing to have conversations with other accelerator partners, and we’ll bring you more news as and when we’ve confirmed more programmes.


TEAM SY Pre-Accelerators

Get Funding Fit: getting ready to raise equity

Status: up and running

Our Get Funding Fit programme started in September and is now well underway. Get Funding Fit is a series of programmes to help South Yorkshire startups and SMEs access funding. Our first series is all about raising equity investment, and equips businesses with the skills, knowledge, and networks needed to fund their growth. The programme is being led by Nick Slater, also of Post Urban Ventures, who for many years ran Capital Enterprise’s investment training in London. The programme will culminate in an Investor Lounge where we’ll be introducing startups to relevant investors. We’ll be running more Get Funding Fit programmes in the new year, and you can register your interest here

Transform SY: Entrepreneurial Spark Accelerator

Status: applications open 8th November, with the first cohort starting 10th January 2022

TEAM SY is partnering with Entrepreneurial Spark to run Transform SY with support from the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority and UK Steel Enterprise. Entrepreneurial Spark has delivered national programmes with NatWest and recently with the UK Space Agency, so we’re delighted that they are bringing this wealth of experience to the region. The Transform SY programme is focused on helping people with their entrepreneurial mindset and transitions during their founder journey, and aims to support 60 businesses over three cohorts. 


OneTech South Yorkshire: pre-accelerator for under-represented entrepreneurs

Status: Applications open November 2021 to start January 2022

OneTech is a Capital Enterprise programme that has run for several years in London, with an ambition to change the face of tech startups, traditionally dominated by white male entrepreneurs. The programme has had great success in reaching out to under-represented entrepreneurs in the capital city, and we are excited that Imelda Fossu, herself a Doncaster-based entrepreneur, is our Programme Lead for OneTech South Yorkshire. Applications are due to go live in November, with the first cohort starting in January. You can register your interest here


Internet of Things (IoT) pre-accelerator with Connexin

Status: applications open January 2022 

We’re delighted to be partnering with Connexin, an innovative and disruptive technology company specialising in building and operating award-winning Smart City Infrastructure to support the Internet of Things. Recently, Connexin announced that they have secured an £80m investment from one of the world’s largest independent infrastructure managers. Connexin will be running an IoT pre-accelerator in Barnsley, located at the brand new DMC2 MakerLab. The programme will support startups who are developing IoT products and services, connecting devices to the internet to share data and bring insights and efficiencies. It will also support IT providers to move into IoT, and existing SMEs to adopt new connected technologies. It’s a rolling programme that will kick off in January 2022.


AI Academy: with Innovation Exchange and AI Tech North 

Status: programme delivered in September – October 2021

This programme was aimed at any South Yorkshire based SME and startup who was interested in learning more about the opportunities of AI. Following a talk series and Question & Answer sessions with a range of experts, the businesses on the AI Academy programme came away with a greater understanding about AI and the ability to integrate the use of AI into their future strategies. The programme culminated in a pitch event, and Innovation Exchange leads Sherin Matthew and David Young will provide tailored mentoring to the winning businesses.


TEAM SY Accelerators


Gov Tech Academy: Public Sector Innovation Accelerator

Status: applications open now to start late November 2021

The GovTech Academy is a pre-accelerator programme (including training and mentoring) for start-ups and existing small businesses who want to bring innovation to government by selling to the public sector. Delivered by The Rain Gods, GovTech Academy has run successfully in London and this being their first programme outside the capital city. Government is the biggest industry on earth and the public sector is 40% of the UK economy – the GovTech Academy will help businesses to get the knowledge, language, and networks they need in order to exploit this opportunity and bring exciting new innovations to the public sector. 


P4SY Precision Medicine: MedTech Accelerator

Status: applications open now, first cohort from January to April 2022

P4 is a well established and highly successful MedTech accelerator that has been established for a number of years in London. P4 encompasses the four “Ps” of precision medicine: Personalised, Precise, Preventative and Participatory. Over 3 programmes to date, P4 has supported 69 companies, raised £17m+ in grant funding, and £62m+ in equity funding, and has created 200 new jobs. Bringing their expertise and networks to South Yorkshire, P4SY has been specifically created with local and regional partners to support the soft landing and scaling of health and MedTech companies in the region. It will help to develop commercial opportunities, clinical conversations and engagement with the academic clinical network. The programme is aimed at HealthTech and MedTech companies aiming to expand and scale from South Yorkshire; any international companies looking for a soft landing in the UK in order to build partnerships with SMEs, academics and clinical partners; and early-stage life science companies wanting to expand their network and development opportunities. 


Other Activity

Venture Builder: with Post Urban Ventures 

Status: up and running since September 2021

Post Urban Ventures is not a traditional accelerator programme; rather, it is a venture builder whereby the Post Urban team work closely with postdocs from the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University to create businesses. Luke Robinson, Nick Slater, and Lotus Qi from Post Urban Ventures are working to identify cutting edge technology in areas such as AI and robotics. They will then work to guide the development of this technology using market opportunity insights. The aim is to produce high tech businesses that are equity investment ready. 


South Yorkshire Angel Investor Network: with NorthInvest

Status: activity starting November 2021

One challenge that is consistently raised in the region is the lack of angel investment, so we’re delighted to partner with NorthInvest to build out angel capacity in South Yorkshire to further develop the early stage investment landscape and ecosystem. We have recruited a Programme Manager whose role will be to develop an angel network and syndicate in the region. NorthInvest is a Leeds-based not-for-profit organisation which connects tech and digital startups with angel investors. In 2020, they curated 19 rounds of funding worth in excess of £8m, and we are excited to bring their magic to South Yorkshire.

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