TEAM SY is here to help you navigate the complicated and confusing web that is the tech startup ecosystem.  

If you’re a tech entrepreneur at any stage, and you’re wondering what business support is available in the region, we can help.


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What we do

If you’re confused by the vast number of programmes and business support offers available to you, we can be your tour guides on this journey. We can also help business advisors to access more funding and advice for the entrepreneurs they’re already supporting. 

Since January 2020, we’ve been building connections with entrepreneurs, funders, universities, business support programmes and policy makers. We’re helping individual stakeholders be more connected. 

To become part of our community, or get updates on new programmes and opportunities, fill in this form and we’ll get back to you soon! You’ll only receive relevant updates and your details will not be shared outside of the TEAM SY project.


Designed to provide entrepreneurs with a specific skill set over a short period of time. The support programmes will provide access to industry experts covering key topics with workshops, one-to-ones, Q&A sessions and mentoring.


Like a crash course for new tech entrepreneurs, these are delivered to bridge the gaps between fledgling ideas and startup readiness. Pre accelerators help entrepreneurs to develop ideas and make rapid progress towards creating a funded business.


Built around supportive ecosystems and plenty of fresh funding. Accelerators often provide mentorship and capital in return for equity. Designed to grow a startup over a three to four month period; including free space to work from and access to investors and industry expertise.

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